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Hi, my name is Jade

I am a postgraduate researcher currently undertaking a PhD thesis on the case for legally binding high seas marine protected areas (MPAs) in the Arctic. A key theme within my research is the extent to which an Arctic MPAs may balance the concept of environmental stewardship against conflicting social equity considerations.

Doctoral Research 

The forecast for a seasonally ice-free Arctic by 2035 has meant a seascape once considered too remote and hostile for viable activity is poised to become the next frontier for commercial, industrial and geopolitical venture. In response to the environmental danger presented by the growth in scope and intensity of human activities, the Arctic Ocean is subject to a dense network of multilateral and regional environmental agreements of varying legal authority. Nevertheless, the jurisdictional and sectoral fragmentation of the current legal framework as well as the inconsistent recognition of Arctic Indigenous Peoples' stakeholder interests, attests to the ongoing need of a more comprehensive and socially equitable form of environmental protection in the marine Arctic.


Despite academic and political consensus that a pan-Arctic MPA network has the greatest potential of achieving widespread ecological resilience whilst addressing socio-economic concerns, much of the past academic commentary is limited by the date of its publication. 


Given the time of writing, it is anticipated this project will be well positioned as an early commentator following the imminent conclusion of the Intergovernmental Conference on Biodiversity Beyond National Jurisdiction, to evaluate the role of the BBNJ in the establishment of a pan-Arctic MPA network. Ultimately, the project will result in a set of recommendations for legally binding Arctic high sea MPAs which balance environmental stewardship and social equity considerations. 

Projects & Presentations


Exploring the case for a network of legally binding and cross-jurisdictional marine protected areas in the Arctic (Doctoral research).

'Scoping Report on High Seas Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) and the BBNJ Treaty' Jade Jones, 2024.

'A legal review of the National Parks and Access to the Countryside Act (1949) : A report prepared for Blue Marine Foundation by Cardiff University' Professor Ben Pontin and Jade Jones, June 2023.

'Bridging the Gaps : Enhancing capacity in environmental decision-making in Welsh planning processes' Research Assistant for Dr Caer Smyth, Cardiff University, February 2023.


Ocean Nexus Webinar, Live Online Presentation and Q&A with Jade Jones, Dr Richard Caddell and Dr Wilf Swartz 'High Seas Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) and the BBNJ Treaty' April 2024.

Blue Marine online workshop, National Marine Parks - Delivering the Vision - Legal Opportunity, February 2024.

CILM Postgraduate Researcher Presentation, Cardiff University, November 2023.

Online National Marine Parks Strategic Working Group meeting, National Marine Parks - Legal review: England and Wales, June 2023.

Cardiff University Research and Scholarship seminar series, Cardiff University, May 2023.

Cardiff University Centre for Environmental Law and Policy (CELP) seminar, Cardiff University, October 2022.

PGR Symposium, Cardiff University, May 2022.


2023 / 2024

Equity & Trusts (third year core module) Cardiff University

Environmental Law & Policy (third year optional module) Cardiff University 

Tort Law (first year core module) University of Bristol

2022 / 2023 

Tort Law (second year core module) Cardiff University


Undertaking the AdvancedHE - accredited Cardiff University Education Associate Fellowship Programme 2023/24

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